About Me

While on the path to further her education, Vicki Size lost her only son in a 3-day battle with brain cancer known as DIPG (variation N-MYC).  She was and is still known as Henry’s mom.  She has two remaining daughters.  She has a husband, a dog, a cat, two cockatiels (who procreate regularly) and two budgies (who do not).  There used to be a fish, but he departed a few months before Henry did. 

A firm and committed Christian, Vicki reads the bible daily and writes letters to her beautiful son in the afterlife.  She knows where he is and understands that when the time is right, she will join him in the paradise that has been promised to her and everyone else who believes. 

In trying to live a life with meaning, Vicki is passionate about helping children, no matter their circumstances.  Completing her 2-year studies in Early Childhood Education and recognized with Honours in 2019, Vicki is entering her first year in pursuit of two degrees: a B.Sc in Elementary Education with a Learning Disabilities endorsement and a B.Sc in Psychology.  Graduate education will likely follow in the way of Clinical Psychology. 

In her spare time, which is none, Vicki enjoys reading, bird-watching, kayaking, hiking and making memories with her family.  She also is an avid gardener who comes from a farming background.